Shearling garments can be worn in snow or rain, but should not be worn in heavy rain. Dry the garment with a towel and allow it to dry at room temperature, away from any source of heat.


Press on the suede side only. Most wrinkles will fall out when left in a steamy bathroom. When pressing, use a dry iron set at a low temperature, with a brown wrapping paper used as a pressing cloth. Press lightly and quickly to prevent overheating and shine.


Preserve the shape by using a padded hanger when drying, storing or just hanging your garment overnight. It is preferable to keep removable shoulder pads in when hanging the garment for long periods. Never cover the garment in plastic, store it in a cloth garment bag in a dust free, ventilated closet.


Most stains can be removed with chalk dust if treated immediately. Using regular white blackboard chalk, make a pile of dust on the stain by scraping the chalk stick with a knife edge.Allow the dust to remain on the stain overnight, then brush off with a suede brush.


Dry cleaning of shearling garments is not recommended. If absolutely necessary, only allow the garment to be cleaned by a professions cleaner specializing in shearlings.

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